Frequently Asked Questions


Coffee Related Questions

How do I get more information on the coffee I received with my subscription?

We provide a summary card for each coffee with the shipment and we also publish the complete story, more detail, and photos for each coffee on our website.  You can find the full story by selecting the coffee in the “Current Coffees” section in the “SHOP” page of our website.

Is the coffee “Fair Trade” certified?

All of our coffee is sourced fairly and ethically.  A lot of the coffee is “Fair Trade” certified.  The “Fair Trade” certification is valuable when buying mass-produced coffee where the origins are unknown and there is a massive supply chain between you and the grower.  Our coffees are sourced from known sources in small lots.  In many of these cases, the growers cannot afford to pay for participation in the certification program or deal with the complex requirements. So we just make sure they are paid fairly for their product and then tell you about the specific origin and source.

How do I get information and advice on brewing coffee?

We provide a lot of information and articles on brewing coffee on our website in the news and blog section.  Take a look at the 5 Part series on home brewing in the “Blogs” link titled “5 Steps to an Amazing Cup of Homebrew Coffee”.  That series of 5 articles covers most of the basic topics.  There are more specialized articles on a variety of topics.  If you don’t see what you are looking for, drop us a line or chat with us online from our website.

Can I buy more of a specific coffee I received on subscription?

If the coffee is still available, it will be in the “SHOP” page of our website in the “Current Coffees” section.  You can order more as long as it is available.