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Altura Ultra Reusable Stainless Steel Fabric FIlter for Aeropress Coffee Makers

You are one step closer to enjoying the perfect cup of coffee!

It is now possible to make your beloved AeroPress Coffee Maker even better.

The natural oils from coffee beans add depth and fullness to the flavor profile of coffees. Unfortunately, paper filters remove most of those oils and may alter the flavor of the coffee. The ULTRA filter allows those oils and flavors through but without those pesky fine grounds.  So if you're looking for a full bodied cup with the full range of flavors, the Altura Ultra mesh filter is the way to go.

  • The ULTRA filter is versatile: It is great for brewing methods that call for a fine grind like turkish or espresso brews. It also works great for course grinds like those used for a french presses ... and everything in between.
  • The ULTRA is reliable: it is made from reusable stainless steel fabric and designed to fit both older and newer generation AeroPress Coffee makers.
  • The ULTRA is easy to clean: We love the AeroPress because it's easy to clean. Our easy cleaning filter adds only a few seconds to your total clean up time.