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Prepaid-Gift Specialty Decaffeinated Coffee Subscriptions

The Specialty Decaffeinated Coffee Subscription includes 12 oz bags of specialty coffees from premiere coffee regions of the world that are decaffeinated using the patented, chemical free, Swiss Water(R) method. You will receive a selected specialty decaff coffee from our current offering each month.

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Our decaffeinated specialty coffee starts with specialty green coffees selected for their distinctive flavor profiles, quality, season, region and the positive impact made on the grower communities. They are then sent directly to the Swiss Water(R) decaffeination facility. The Swiss Water process uses a water-based extraction method and specialty filtration systems to filter the caffeine from green coffee.  This is a more expensive process but results in a superior, chemical free coffee.  The resulting green coffee is 99% caffeine free but retains its distinctive characteristics. The green coffee then comes to us and is freshly roasted to optimal flavor before shipping it to you. 

The decaff specialty coffee offering changes periodically based on availability and season.   See the Current Coffees in the shopping section for the current decaffeinated offering.

 About the "Whole Bean or Ground" Option

We recommend you order "Whole Bean" coffees.  We of course understand that you may want us to grind your coffee for you and we are happy to do that.  We do want you to be aware of a couple of caveats if you order your coffee ground.  Grinding significantly reduces the optimal shelf life of coffee.  We recommend you grind your coffee just before brewing for optimal flavor.  The other factor is that grind size and consistency is very important to coffee flavor and must be matched to the brewing method, water temperature, and other brewing factors.  If you order your coffee "Ground" then we will grind it to a "Medium" grind which works for common drip and some pour-over methods but is not optimal for some common specialty brewing methods.  Regardless of what you decide,  you can change your option at any time in the subscription management section.