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Tasting Notes: Milk chocolate, almond, brown sugar
Smooth with low acidity and nutty sweetness

Category: Single Origin Micro-Lot
Coffee Type:Arabica  (Varieties: Mundo Novo, Yellow Catuaí, Topázio, Tupi and Yellow Obatã)
Process: Natural, Sun dried on patios
Net Wt.: 12oz


Country: Brazil
Region:  Alta Mogiana
Source: Moscardini Family Farm
Altitude: 900-1500 M (2925-4875 ft)

About Brazilian Coffee
This coffee is sourced from family farms in Brazil. The land is intercropped with rice, beans, bananas, sweet potato, manioc, pineapple, avocado and other produce which helps bring biodiversity to the land.

About Specialty Coffees
These are high-quality specialty coffees sourced in small lots from sources in selected regions.  They may be single-origin or may be blended from multiple origins in the region to achieve specific flavor profiles.  These coffees are selected based on flavor profiles, harvest quality, season, and region.