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Honduras - Intibuca - Finca San Francisco

Tasting Notes: Citrus and Dark Chocolate.
Lively and balanced.  Mild citrus top note, dark chocolate finish.

Category:Regional Specialty
Type: Arabica (Varieties: Catuai)
Process: Washed, Water Fermented, Sun dried on raised beds
Net Wt. 12oz

Source:Finca San Francisco
Grower:Abelardo Reyes
Altitude:1400M (4550 ft)

Finca San Fancisco
Finca San Francisco is a small coffee farm in the Intibucá department of Honduras. This area is in the Opalaca agricultural region in western Honduras known for producing great coffee and also includes some of the country's most beautiful national parks and reserves.  The farm is owned by Señor Abelardo Reyes, the son of a coffee grower who comes from a family of 7 children.  Abelardo started growing coffee on a 1 hectare (2.5 acre) farm inherited from his grandmother in 2006.  Since then the farm has grown to 12 hectares (30 acres) due to his success in consistently producing exceptional micro lots. He grows the Caturra and Catuai varieties of Arabica coffee and uses a water fermentation process where the cherries are fermented for 18 hours in water, pulped, and then dried on raised beds in the sun.   

We passed through this area a while back as we were driving across Honduras with our family on the way to Copan.  The area is beautiful and the people are wonderful.  This coffee is a very special find from a great area.

About Specialty Coffees
These are high-quality coffees sourced in small lots from sources in selected regions.  They may be single-origin or may be blended from multiple origins in the region to achieve specific flavor profiles.  These coffees are selected based on flavor profiles, harvest quality, season, and region.