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Specialty Coffee Subscription


You will receive full size 12 oz bags of specially selected small-batch coffees from the premiere coffee regions of the world each month.  They will be freshly roasted and delivered directly to you. If you select more than one bag per month, then you will receive a variety of coffees from the current selection.

If you would like to take advantage of our special offer and receive four 2oz sample bags of coffee for $4.99  as your first shipment, please click here and fill out our short questionnaire: [SPECIAL OFFER] 

Every specialty coffee has a story.  The growers, coffee variety, region, soil, altitude, climate, processing method, and roasting all make a difference.  Each coffee has a distinctive flavor profile and there is a positive impact to each community that produces the coffee.  Read the coffee stories in the Current Coffees section of the Shop page to learn more. 

Our specialty coffees are selected based on their distinctive flavor profiles, quality, season, and the positive impact made on the grower communities. They are sourced in small lots and may be micro-lot, single-origin or may be blended from multiple sources in a region to achieve specific flavor profiles.  The specialty coffee offering changes periodically based on availability and season.  

About the "Roasting Level" Option

Our exotic coffees are roasted to a level that optimizes the distinctive flavor profiles and preserve the subtle but important characteristics of these special coffees.  You can change the roasting level option if you change your mind or want to experiment.  Note that the roasting level does not make the coffee "stronger" or "bolder" which has more to do with how the coffee is brewed than the roasting level.  

"All Roasts" will select the roasting level recommended by the roaster based on the specific characteristics of that lot. If you are unsure, we suggest selecting the "All Roasts" level.  

"Light to Medium" is recommended for most of the exotic lots to preserve delicate characteristics like fruit, floral, and aromatic notes.  These are typically "brighter".

"Medium to Dark" will select coffees that lend themselves to a darker roast and typically have a heavier body.  Darker roasts also have slightly less caffeine. 

About the "Whole Bean or Ground" Option

We recommend you order "Whole Bean" coffee.  We of course understand that you may want us to grind your coffee for you and we are happy to do that.  We do want you to be aware that grinding significantly reduces the optimal shelf life of coffee.  We recommend that you grind your coffee just before brewing for optimal flavor.  The other factor is that grind size and consistency is very important to coffee flavor and must be matched to the brewing method, water temperature, and other brewing factors.  If you order your coffee "Ground" then we will provide a "Medium" grind which works well for common drip, Aeropress, and some pour-over methods but is not optimal for other common specialty brewing methods.  Regardless of what you decide,  you can change your option any time if you change your mind.